We have now introduced a second light. This is shot in a traditional (and very boring) glamour set-up of two lights at 45 degrees to the model, and in front. This V shape was generally used in the Page 3 style shots, as it provides an even light and reduces shadow to virtually nil. It is a good set-up for a traditional portrait too, but it does get a bit waring after a while as it is very limited. As you can see, we are not fans of this set-up.

Again, look at the eyes and you will see two catchlights, one on either side of the eye. These are quite clear on Jacci, so that you can actually see the shape of the diffuser. In this shot, we used “strip” soft boxes – 120cm long and 30cm wide. you can see the long, thin catchlights.

This is a good set-up to use as an introduction to studio lighting, as you will always get a well lit subject, but soon you will be looking for more adventurous and artistic styles.DSC_4503