Studio – tick.

Model – tick.

Now let’s get started on making nice pictures. It may seem strange when you are in a studio, but it is often worth seeking enough natural light within the studio to avoid using flash. At studio 12 we are lucky enough to have numerous large windows that shed light onto the model. This photo was taken in mid-winter on a dull and cloudy day, and yet by using ISO 400 and opening the aperture up to f1.8 we can capture a decent image with the softer natural light.  Notice how the light is brighter on one side of the face and yet the other is not totally in shadow. A flash set-up would cast a dark shadow on the left side of the face, but natural light gives a more even coverage.

Natural light also gives a more even coverage and avoids the hotspots that can occur from flash use. Of course, you do not need a studio to use natural light, but don’t forget about it just because you have numerous flash guns to play with in the studio.

This is a very natural pose by Jacci. She is an experienced model and can pose without instruction, but on this occasion she was asked for a casual look with casual clothes (the way she was dressed when she arrived) and was able to pull off a natural expression. The photos illustrating this series are not great photos, but they serve to illustrate the points we are making.

In the next instalment we introduce you to studio flash!DSC_4484